Interesting Quote…

April 18, 2008

Sitting in my car and heard a Mike Babcock quote saying that going with his plan B (Chris Osgood) is not bad.

“He won 29 games and had the best goals against average in the league,” said Babcock.

Wrong…Dan Ellis had the best goals against in the NHL…sorry Mike.


Whoops…this is what I get for writing a blog in the car in the parking lot while listening to the radio! Ellis was first in Save percentage not GAA…sorry for coming out and slamming Coach Mike there. Eating crow while egg is dripping down my face after removing foot from my mouth!

Heard Trotz on local radio this am and he said all the right things. Saying that the change in goal had more to do with Detroit needing a change than Hasek’s play.

Tonight the Preds need to continue to set the tone physically. If the Preds can do that it will go a long way towards coming away with a win.

In response the Legwands play since he returned Trotz said that prior to game three he said the staff was in a quandary as to whether to play. They started him slow with the fourth line. They then saw him really playing well and not being winded. Leggy’s return gives the Preds two solid scoring lines and gives the Wings more problems than games one and two.

Game starts at 630 tonight on FSN…go Preds!



  1. Actually, Babcock was right. Look here: http://www.nhl.com/nhlstats/app?fetchKey=20082ALLGAGAll&page=Stats&service=page&sort=goalsAgainstAverage&viewName=wlt

    Ellis is 12th. Osgood is 1st. Ellis isn’t even first in the playoffs.

  2. Yes, Ellis was 1st in Save Percentage, not Goals Against.

    That said, Save Percentage is a better indicator of individual goaltender performance, since Goals Against is more heavily influenced by the shots allowed by the team’s defense.

  3. You have gone and done it again…

  4. Forechecker, I’ve been saying that all post season to the Wings fans.

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