No Bigger Than This

April 20, 2008

Games don’t get bigger than this. Win or go home…it will be written countless times about this game so why not one more here too! The Predators face the Red Wings in game 6 of the eastern conference quarterfinals today at 2pm CST…the Wings lead the best of seven series 3-2.

Getting Caught Up: Sorry I did not have a chance to post reactions to game 5 yet. Sometimes life with two daughters (ages 2 and seven weeks) just happens and blogging takes a backseat. I have been so out of it that I have no had a chance to check and see what others have said so I am sure this will not be ‘breaking news’ to anyone. Some reactions…

Not having Legwand and Arnott seemed to kill us before the game even started. It seemed to kill the teams will before the puck even dropped. There was very little positive play from the Preds especially in the first two periods.

Dan Ellis was unreal! Seriously he was the ONLY reason we were in this at the end. Shot after shot he was there with the big save. Sometimes impressive…sometimes routine but either way he was there. It’s sad to think that Ellis probably doesn’t figure into the Preds future plans.

I don’t want to say
it was all our fault that we lost game five because it’s not. The Wings played a great game. They were solid at both ends of the ice and Osgood gave them what they needed in net. Yes the game ended on a sloppy neutral zone turnover by us but the fact remains that the Wings executed far better than we did.

Did anyone else find it odd
that Arnott had ‘the flu’ the other night? Flu season is pretty much over down here. My guess is that it’s something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if Arnott was suffering some back or shoulder problems from the slam Radulov gave him after his goal in game three. this smells of post season trickery if you ask me.

Game Six: This is a little sad to me. Life is happening once again and I will miss my first ever Predators playoff game today (I have been at every other home playoff game). I am bummed but thank goodness for DVR.

I have not read any updates
yet but hopefully the Preds will get Arnott and Legwand back tonight. If not I fear that this could be a repeat of game 5. The Preds need to once again assert themselves and set the tone physically and do it early. A couple big hits early would be in order.

Ellis needs to continue
to wear the ‘S’ on his chest as he will, once again, be peppered with shots.

The crowd needs to do their part
and will this team (if playing without Arnott and Leggy you could say ‘under matched team’) to victory again. They will need everyone last bit of energy if they are to go all Hulk Hogan on the Wings today.

While I will not be there in person I will be there in spirit!

Go Preds…let’s get it done and go to our first game seven in franchise history. We all know that in a game seven anything can happen!



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  3. Just curious, why do you think Ellis doesn’t fit into the future? He’s got some great playoff experience under his belt, he seems like a major building block to me.

  4. Pete K – I would think no Ellis as we have Mason locked up for two more years, Pekka Rinne is a RFA, and Ellis turns UFA. Plus we just signed another goaltender to the Admirals. I doubt anybody is going to trade for Mason after the season he has and we probably won’t want to match what people will offer Ellis when we have Rinne ready to come up and play. The organization has a lot of confidence in him. I hope they’re right.

  5. Seth is right…Ellis was a one year deal and I think management is ready to the Rinne Reign to begin. Perhaps we will be able to trade Ellis’s rights prior to the fre agency period to someone. That might be one of our best bets.

    The only way we get rid of Mason is to send him down to the minors and hope someone claims him on re-entry waivers and we are stuck for half his salary.

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Adulator.

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