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Weber Signed

June 23, 2008

The Tennessean is reporting that Shea Weber has signed a three year 13.5 million dollar deal to remain a Predator. Great signing…David Poile continues to work his magic and get things done. This sets up our blue line for the next three years. Weber and Suter are just going to get better and better!



April 4, 2008


I’m an emotional guy. I am. I cry at Applebee’s commericals (you know the one with the coach where they ask him to hang up his team championship photo), baptisms at church, movies (too many to name but most recently watched Rudy again for a good cry!), heck I even got teared up that first home playoff game (man that place was electric!)…so to put it bluntly I am an emotional guy! Luckily I have a wife who doesn’t mind if I cry so that’s okay.

Last night with four and half minutes to go during the final TV timeout of the game I experienced something I had never experienced before. A loud, sustained, crescendoing standing ovation that nearly took the roof off the Sommet Center! It lasted the entire two minutes and well into the next play. I was…emotional. I was fighting back the tears (mostly because my step-Dad was next to me and he would of thought me a fool!) big time. In those tow minutes you could feel every bit of frustration, every bit of support, every bit of wondering, confusion and every bit of sheer support for the hockey team we almost lost. In that applause was thanks for David Freeman and the local group of new owners, there was applause for Dan Ellis and the year that he has had, there was applause for Rich Peverly filling in, for Barry Trotz who endured a tumultuous year and for David Poile who managed to give the coaches the tools they needed and lastly there was applause for the fans…who stuck with this team all year.

It was emotional…


No Deal Howie

February 27, 2008

While I have been a big fan of David Poile in the past and, truth be told, will continue to be in the future I felt yesterdays moves (if you want to use that strong of a word to describe them) were wasted and not even needed.

The Preds went into the day looking, like many other teams, for a top six forward. What they ended up with, in my opinion, are two role players. While some will say that these players were needed to fill the spots vacated due to injuries of Martin Gelinas and Jed Ortmyer I would argue that these two additions are no better than what we could have brought up from Milwaukee.

Instead of bringing up farmhands to help out in a time of need we spend a draft pick and future considerations on these guys. I would much rather see the passion of a young player like Peverly, Cal O’Reilly or Antti Pihlstrom who would be playing to try and impress the coaches at the next level. It would be their chance to shine.

Chances are that Brandon Bochenski and Jan Hlavac are not part of our long term plans. Yes I know we needed a left handed shot (Pihlstrom, Peverly and Cal all have that in Milwaukee) but I still think that yesterday was a waste.

I talked to a season ticket holder who yesterday told me that they were angry over the lack of dealing done by the Preds. I have to agree. There was no excitement. Nothing to get Pred fans or non traditional fans fired up.

Perhaps Poile and ownership don’t see this team as a real contender and didn’t want to get involved in the bidding wars for a true top six forward. I trust Poile to not to mortgage our future for the sake of taking a chance at making the playoffs. I have said in the past that I think it is vital for this organization to make the playoffs and to bring in a marquee player. We did not do anything that gets us closer to either of these goals yesterday.

We better have one heck of an off-season in the free agent market.


What’s That Smell

February 25, 2008

What you are smelling is the rotten egg that the Preds laid last night against a very good Dallas Stars team.

Where It Went Right: The first period for the most part was solid and the Preds played step for step with the Stars. It looked like this was going to be a game decided in OT or by a late goal. Both teams were skating hard and playing a physical game.

Where It Went Wrong:
For me it all went wrong when the Preds failed to convert on an extended five on three power play…I think the Preds had like 1:20ish of 5 on 3 time. They kept looking for that perfect play. They kept looking for Steve Sullivan to be available back door or for Paul Kariya to make that perfect pass. We are not that team. We have to create the chances…throw the puck at the net. That kill coupled with the horrible clock management at the end of the first killed all Pred momentum and gave the Stars life. They took over the game from there.

Yes we were without Gelinas and Radulov and Jed went down leaving Trotz to juggle lines but it’s no excuse to the way we played. That was pathetic hockey. Pathetic.

To Trade Or Not To Trade: Arnott called out David Poile after the game urging him to make a move to help the banged up team. What will Poile do? I have long maintained that this team needs a star…if one can be procured through this process as more than a rental (al la Brad Richards who has a few years left on his deal) then let’s make it happen. If it’s just a rental then we stay put and make a splash in the free agent market. It will be an exciting few days…if anyone can make something happen it’s David Poile.

David Legwand: So…it appears David Legwand was pulled over for a DUI. It’s a sad day for a franchise that, for the most part, has stayed remarkably clean in it’s ten years history. It sounds like he made a poor decision and now has to face the consequences. David is a bright guy and even bright people do stupid things. I just hope this is a one time thing for him and not the beginning of something worse. At least the Preds are still better than the Titans and their thugs…Pac Man anyone?



December 20, 2007

Pathetic. That’s the best way to describe the effort put forth by the Preds in a 5-2 loss against the Blackhawks.

It all started last night with lackadaisical goaltending from Chris Mason who gave up two goals on two shots before being pulled. Dan Ellis could do no better giving Chicago their third goal on only their fourth shot. I knew then it was going to be a long night. Sure we could complain about the reverse call on Radulov’s goal (honestly I couldn’t tell where he touched the puck) but the fact remains that if you give a team a three goal lead you can’t place blame anywhere else.

Apparently the team held a closed door meeting last night. While I’m encouraged by that, part of me thinks that this meeting should have happened after Tuesdays loss in Minnesota or maybe after the back to back losses against the Av’s. It’s like losing five in a row is the magic number where you realize something is amiss…funny I don’t think it took the fans that long!

All I can see is that I am thankful for DVR. I had to pause the game for a while to get my little girl down for bed…luckily at a point I was able to fast forward and not subject myself to the torture that this game was.

Whats Next? Well the Preds head home for a Saturday date with the Kings, the only team in the West with a record worse than the Preds. Yup…for those keeping score at home the Preds now sit in 14th place in the West. 14th!

Okay Poile…time to work some of your magic. Time to shake things up. In with the new out with the old…do something! If we are not going to play Klein then trade him. He does us no good watching the games in a suit.

On the bright side the Preds were 2-5 on the powerplay last night!


Quick Hits

October 25, 2007

11:46 AM UPDATE: Dan Ellis will start in goal tonight for the Predators. Whether or not this will be a spot start remains to be seen! Thanks to Jason for pointing out the news to me on this one. It’s hard to work and stay on top of a struggling hockey team!

Thought I would throw out some game day quick hits:

The City is requesting that the new ownership group commits to staying in Nashville for five years if lease concessions are made. I think the city is right on the money requesting this. I do think, however, that Freeman and comapnay will not go five but the deal may end up looking closer to three years.

Preds GM David Poile said in the paper today that he is not planning any significant roster changes. The way he sees it right now the Preds are not playing to potential. I agree with not making deals when your guys are not playing as good as they can. Poile did say that he would be “comfortable” with Dan Ellis starting in net instead of Chris Mason. This has got to serve as a wake up call for Mason…your job as number one is not safe.

A tale of two teams: Yes the Atlanta Thrashers find their way to town with Bob Hartley…wait he got fired…with Don Waddell behind the bench. The guy who is a coach at heart needed only a six game slide from Hartley and company to jump at the chance to coach the Thrashers. They have won two out of three and I am sure smell blood in the water here in Nashville.

Just had an argument with a co-worker friend of mine who said that Calgary drew 19k to their mid week game last night and Nashville will be hurting tonight to get to 10k. I agree that Nashville is struggling right now but to compare Nashville and Calgary is almost like comparing the Montreal Expos and New York Yankees attendance figures. I am sick of people bashing the Predators and all but calling them dead. Are we in trouble? Abso-freakin-lutely! Are we dead? Not yet!