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State Of The Preds…Offense/08-09 Predictions

October 10, 2008

So far I have touched on the defense (I think we are good), goaltending (bold prediction…I think we are great) and now comes the offense.

I have saved the most difficult for last. Let me say up front that offensively I think we are going to have problems. I am not blaming all this on Radulov’s journey back to play for the Russian mafia but we will miss his 26 goals for sure. I am also not blaming this on the growing prospect that we will never see Steve Sullivan in a Preds uniform, or any uniform for that matter, again. We made it through without him last year so I can’t blame him.

The fact is that the Preds did nothing to bring in a goal producer. Before you go shooting at me I understand that these type of players don’t grow on trees…they are tough to find. I know that but we did nothing. Yes Joel Ward is a great story. The emergence of some of our young prospects (Rich Peverley, Patric Hornqvist, Ryan Jones) is exciting but is it the answer?

Who Needs To Step Up:
Jason Arnott – We need him to be solid, strong and to not afraid to park his big body in front of the net.

JP Dumont – If the Preds are going to make the playoffs for the fifth straight year I think that JP will have to have a career year. We will need him to produce like never before!

Jordin Tootoo – It is time for his game to go to the next level. I have been a huge supporter of his and continue to be but it is time for him to show up on the offensive side. 15-20 goals is you don’t mind Jordin. [:)]

The Young Guns – Rich Peverley, Patric Hornqvist, and Ryan Jones need to show us why they made the roster out of camp. You need not look further than Chicago last year to see the impact that talented young players can have. The Emergence of two of these guys will give us a huge boost.

Overall Prediction: As much as I want to say that the Preds will make the playoffs again I just don’t think we will see it this year. Too many other teams got stronger while the Preds seemed to have taken a step back. Until we see someone replace Radulov’s output and someone else step up we are destined to finish somewhere between 9-11 in the west.

Please let me be wrong…Please!


What Does The Day Hold?

July 1, 2008

Honestly when the season ended last year I didn’t think we would be sitting in such a good place right now. I didn’t think we would have signed both Suter and Weber and am a bit surprised that we were able to lock up Dan Ellis as well. Add to those pieces the resigning of Martin Erat, the resigning last year of Jordin Tootoo and the big extension given to David Legwand and these Preds are in good shape.

So that begs the question…”what will David Poile do next?” What bit of magic does he pull out of his hat next?

I really feel that Marek Zidlicky is on his way out. I cannot get anyone in the organization to confirm that but I believe that the Preds believe his salary (3.3 a year for two more years) could be better used elsewhere. Puck moving d-men are a great asset and I am sure Poile has had his phone ring on more than one occasion. I don’t foresee any of our young D going anywhere at this point unless the deal was just too good to pass up…but I don’t see that happening.

Much has been written about the Preds needing a big tough guy. I couldn’t disagree more! Take a look at the Red Wings for instance…who is their tough guy? Can you name their goon? Can you name their Hordichuk who’s sole purpose was to get out there and fight and maybe just maybe contribute a goal or two? I thinks the Preds should focus on feisty and not goons. Give us some guys with some spunk like Nichol, Tootoo, Weber…guys that will go if they need to but who will help you when they are on the ice too. I sure hope the Preds don’t waste their time trolling for one of the ‘tough guys.’

Who knows what Poile has planned…he keeps all his moves close to the vest and never seems to disappoint.


Preds Drop Game One…

April 11, 2008

Some quick thoughts before bed (have to get up at 4:45 to work out!):

Preds were out shot 40-20…that cannot happen and we have a chance in this thing.

Dan Ellis is showing the rest of the NHL what we have learned this season…this kid is legit! Solid game for his first playoff start ever. He kept us in it for sure and bailed out the D several times.

There is no better puck possession team than the Wings. They are good. At times tonight they seemed to be putting on a keep away clinic.

Not only are they great with the puck but they fill the slots and holes so well that getting pucks through to the net or teammate seems, at times, impossible.

You hate to see the deciding goal be a questionable one. This is a game of bounces and breaks and the Wings got one here. Maybe we’ll get one next time.

I firmly believe that if we can get 25-30 shots a night on Hasek we will win this series. He is giving up rebounds and is not the force he once was…there are chinks in his armor but we have to be able to get to him.

It’s only a matter of time before Tootoo and McCarty drop the gloves. Early in the game I thought I saw Tootoo mouthing to McCarty something to the effect that we’ll get around to going, don’t worry.

Will be interested to hear the long term outlook on Scott Nichol. He is one of our big time energy guys and a big part of our PK. I’ve been hard on him in the past for some of the bonehead penalties he has taken in the playoffs but he has been so valuable to us this season.

It appears that Legwand was close to coming back tonight…let’s hope we get him back for game two.

It stinks to be down 1-0 but overall I felt we played Detroit pretty well tonight and I think we could be in for a long series!


Marked Man

March 28, 2008

Preds tough guy Tootoo could be a marked man tonight…

At this point in the season every game for the Predators carries huge playoff implications. To say we need every point we can get is a huge understatement and tonight’s tilt against division rival Columbus is as big as they get.

The Preds are coming off a hard fought (literally and figuratively) 3-0 win over the Bluejackets on Tuesday night. A Game that saw the play get very physical. While that is not out of the norm when these two teams meet up there seemed to be something different about the level of hostility on Tuesday.

At the center of most of this hostility
was none other than Predator Jordin Tootoo. No doubt he will be a marked man tonight in Columbus as the Bluejackets try to break the hold that the Predators have over them. Once only an annoyance and a one trick pony Tootoo has developed his game and has posted a career high in goals (10) and points (16) this season. I really think that Tootoo could be a 20 goal scorer in this league and I am thirlled that we have him locked up for a couple more years.

Over the past two years the Preds at 14-0-1 against the Bluejackets. While the record may look impressive these contests have been, for the most part, close contests. (pause…looking up stats to back up my blanket statement)

Check that…the Preds have dominated the Jackets. Yes, there have been some close games (6 one goal games over the past two years) but overall the Preds are outscoring the Jackets 23-12 this year and 51-24 over the past two seasons. Yes. we have their number and they hate it. Ken Hitchcock cannot seem to get his team past the mental roadblock that is the Predators. The Predators are to the Jackets what the Sharks are to the Preds.

What do I expect tonight? On Tuesday both teams played with a great sense of urgency and were it not for the great play from Dan Ellis the score may well have been very different. Prior to Tuesday’s tilt Hitchcock was still hopeful that a win out by his team would get them in the playoffs. While not mathematically eliminated the Bluejackets are pretty much out of it sitting 7 points back with 5 to play. I still expect a full attack from them however as they attempt to do all they can to play spoiler to the Preds attempts to make their 4th straight post season.

Physically I expect this to be a game where Columbus comes out and tries to set the tone. It will be up to the Preds to try and weather that storm early and perhaps goad them into taking a few penalties. There is no one better at doing that than our number 22…Tootoo. Love him or hate him he knows how to get under an opponents skin. While I would not be surprised to see Trotz dress Hordichuck I hope that he doesn’t. We need all the skill we can get out there tonight be casue two points is better than a won fight.

Scoreboard Watching: Both teams that sit ahead of us are in action tonight as the Canucks (2 points ahead) travel to Minnesota (7 points ahead) and Edmonton (1 point behind) travels to Colorado (4 points ahead). Tonight I am rooting for the Wild and the Oilers. Yes that would keep the Oilers right therewith us but we have a game in hand and if we take care of ourselves we don’t have to worry about what they do.


Big Statement By Ownership

February 1, 2008

From another name in the rumor mill to a foundational player in the Preds future. JP Dumont has played all parts this past week in the press and I, as a Pred fan, could not be happier in the role he is ultimately cast.

There is no denying that JP has been red hot and the Preds had to be fielding calls from interested GM’s wondering about the availability of the first line winger. Following last night two assist night Dumont has pushed his point scoring streak to 16 games.

Signing Dumont makes some big statements from ownership.

1. We are not going to be sellers at the deadline.

2. We are willing to spend the money on talent (this makes the third in-season extension with the others being Legwand and Tootoo).

3. These Preds mean business

One person that cannot be forgotten
in all this is Preds captain Jason Arnott who has been imploring ownership to step up and get a deal done to keep Dumont. Arnott has stated publicly that JP makes him a better player and this team a better team. Looks like they listened Cap.

Solid Win last night by the boys
. Despite Columbus giving theme a scare the Preds were able to hold off the Bluejackets and win 4-2 leap frogging them in the standings…which is just what we needed to do.

The playoff type games don’t stop for the Preds as the Phoenix Coyotes come calling tomorrow night to the Sommet. The Yotes recently put a scare into the Red Wings before succumbing and have been playing great hockey lead by waiver claim goalie Bryzgalov.


12 In A Row!

December 28, 2007

Last night’s 4-3 victory was the twelfth time in a row that the Predators have won over the Columbus Bluejackets. Honestly i can’t believe it. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then!

Last nights win did not come easy though (actually all of the contests between Columbus and Nashville are heavily contested) with Nashville having to come back late in the third down 3-2. Getting goals from Jordin Tootoo (career best 7th of the year) and Ville Koistinen the Preds got ahead with less than two minutes left and held on for the win.

Ville Koistinen continues to impress and is winning praises from Preds coach Barry Trotz who, according to an article on TSN, has called Ville the teams best defencemen. He continued his praise for the young blueliner after last nights game.

“The puck-distributing part of Ville’s game is really solid,” Trotz said. “He has a lot of life in his legs right now. Ville gets the job done with his feet. He has been good. He had a huge goal.”

With Suter and Weber both out with leg injuries (how generic is that?) this is a good time for Ville to step up his game. If only Kevin Klein could take a page from his book and do the same.

Mason’s second goal allowed was a softy for sure but I think slowly but surely that Mason is getting the swagger back in his game. He will need all that and more when the Sharks come calling Saturday night to the Sommet Center.

Family Four Packs: Okay…here’s the deal. This is the perfect deal to take some newbies to. For $99 the Preds are offering 4 attack twice mezzanine seats, four hot dogs, four drinks and four skating passes…and let me tell you, those seats in the attack twice mezz are, for the money, the best seats in the house. Close to the action and a perfect view of the ice.

Tickets are still available for Saturdays contest with the Sharks…a great New Years weekend activity for the whole family!


Merry Christmas

December 24, 2007

Nice win by the Preds last night with a 3-1 win over the Bluejackets…I didn’t get to see it but I liked what I heard. One name that I kept hearing last night was that of #22 Jordin Tootoo. I am loving his game and the way he is taking on the responsibility that the coaches are giving to him. Tootoo is making a case for him to be a top RFA signing for the Preds.

Glad to have Mason play a solid game
before a couple days off. He needs to reassert himself as the number one and last nights 30 save performance. We all know what Mason is capable of and he does too…nights like last night must make Poile sleep a little better after trusting Mason with the starters job.

Last minute herorics:
I was sitting in my car fully expecting the game to go into OT when ny heart sank as Dumonts shot hit the post. Ugh…I thought. Then Pete and Terry start talking about how Dumont was pointing saying it was in. They reviewed after time had expired and BAM! 2-1 Lead. Add an empty netter by Jed Ortmeyer (a guy who is endearing himself to Preds fan with his great work ethic) and we got a 3-1 game. I was thrilled to not give Columbus a point last night…that was huge.

Eklund Rumor:
Wow…I hope this is one rumor that does NOT come to pass fomr Eklund. That of Shea Weber going to the NE. This guy is a franchise player and not signing him would be a huge mistake. He will be the face of this team for years to come.

Merry Christmas:
Thanks to all my readers of this blog both on myhockeybuzz and here at predjoe for reading, commenting and emailing me your feedback. You keep me going. I wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and hope that each of you experience the true joy of the season this year…Jesus.