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State Of The Preds…Offense/08-09 Predictions

October 10, 2008

So far I have touched on the defense (I think we are good), goaltending (bold prediction…I think we are great) and now comes the offense.

I have saved the most difficult for last. Let me say up front that offensively I think we are going to have problems. I am not blaming all this on Radulov’s journey back to play for the Russian mafia but we will miss his 26 goals for sure. I am also not blaming this on the growing prospect that we will never see Steve Sullivan in a Preds uniform, or any uniform for that matter, again. We made it through without him last year so I can’t blame him.

The fact is that the Preds did nothing to bring in a goal producer. Before you go shooting at me I understand that these type of players don’t grow on trees…they are tough to find. I know that but we did nothing. Yes Joel Ward is a great story. The emergence of some of our young prospects (Rich Peverley, Patric Hornqvist, Ryan Jones) is exciting but is it the answer?

Who Needs To Step Up:
Jason Arnott – We need him to be solid, strong and to not afraid to park his big body in front of the net.

JP Dumont – If the Preds are going to make the playoffs for the fifth straight year I think that JP will have to have a career year. We will need him to produce like never before!

Jordin Tootoo – It is time for his game to go to the next level. I have been a huge supporter of his and continue to be but it is time for him to show up on the offensive side. 15-20 goals is you don’t mind Jordin. [:)]

The Young Guns – Rich Peverley, Patric Hornqvist, and Ryan Jones need to show us why they made the roster out of camp. You need not look further than Chicago last year to see the impact that talented young players can have. The Emergence of two of these guys will give us a huge boost.

Overall Prediction: As much as I want to say that the Preds will make the playoffs again I just don’t think we will see it this year. Too many other teams got stronger while the Preds seemed to have taken a step back. Until we see someone replace Radulov’s output and someone else step up we are destined to finish somewhere between 9-11 in the west.

Please let me be wrong…Please!


A White Knuckled Win

February 13, 2008

You know when you ride that really scary roller coaster and you thought you had a great time…that is until you get off and realize that you were clinching your fists so tight the whole time that you cut off circulation. That’s how last nights game against Detroit felt to me…a bit too much of the white knuckles.

The Start We Needed: Wow! I don’t think anyone saw that start coming. I did think, prior to the game, that Osgood had been off his game of late and that might be a good think. I was even thinking that they might give him the night off (in hindsight I’m sure the coaching staff is thinking that they should have). Three unanswered goals in the first nine minutes proved to be all that the Preds would need as they would hang on to win 4-2.

While some in the Pred Nation might be jumping up and down for joy this morning I would urge cautious optimism. If it were not for a stellar performance from Chris Mason, who turned away 40 of Detroit’s 42 shots, we would be singing a different tune today. Mason played an unbelievable game and saved the bacon many times last night. I heard a ‘die hard Pred fan’ call in this morning on 560 AM and ask if Tomas Vokoun were to come available would the Preds try to get him back. This guy, who claimed to be a season ticket holder, must of fell asleep during last nights game…heck even the last month…because Mason is about as good as they come in net right now. That was idiotic.

Can I just say how bad we played for the first ten minutes of the second period. Yes…I give Detroit credit for coming out and taking control of the game but the fact is we were asleep at the wheel and were fortunate to not give up more than we did. That was pathetic hockey. We ended up showing some life in the second but not until the medics had to get the freakin paddles!

Other Random Observations: Radulov is becoming a better player each and every day…I hope we can watch him for many more years. Pretty goal by Erat and Peverley as Osgood had no clue what they were going to do. The Preds have got to lock up Shea Weber…he’s a man-beast! Was it me or did it seem that the refs made some really ticky-tack calls last night.