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Seeing Stars Tonight…

October 15, 2008

The Preds (2-1) ride a modest two game win streak into Dallas (0-1-1) to face a hungry Stars team. Sound familiar? Sound like an opening line to the blog about the game at Chicago on Monday? The only difference is that Dallas has already had their home opener…but this team is no less hungry.

With an OT loss to open the season at home and then a road loss in Nashville the Stars are left scratching their heads and wondering what they need to do different to win a game. This Stars team is talented but will rely more on Turco than ever before as the team in front of him tries to find their identity.

The Stars and Preds played a VERY physical game on Saturday and I expect tonight to be the same. The Stars have not played another game since Saturday and you can bet that they have spent quite a bit of time thinking of having another shot at the Preds. You can bet that Jordin Tootoo will be a marked man tonight and it will be interesting to watch Avery and Hamhuis tonight. Will Avery try to go after him again after seeing Hamhuis tell the media what Avery did to start the fight.

I have to wonder if Dallas management wonders what they did when they let Dan Ellis leave their system. Ellis always plays strong but you have to think that he plays with a little harder against the team that gave up on him. Ellis might be bitter against his old team but he does owe his style to the time he spent in their system.

We need some guys to step up over the next couple games to take the place of Arnott who is out with a fractured finger. The obvious choice would be Legwand but it might be nice to see someone like Peverly show up in a big way (I thought he played a good game the other night in Chicago).

Should be a good one tonight! Why did I even say that? Aren’t they all good?


Preds Control Destiny

April 2, 2008

Not so much a blog as just some random comments…this is getting good people!

With the win last night the Preds put themselves in control of their own destiny…win out and they are guaranteed at least the 8th spot.

Let’s take a moment and ponder the fact that no one thought we would be here at this point…NO ONE! Many of the experts were picking the Preds to finish fifth in our division! Look who’s knock, knock, knocking on the playoffs door!

I think Trotz might be on to something with the Peverly, Tootoo and Bochenski line…they looked great last night and produced points and chances. This might be a preview for next year third line.

Rich Peverly continues to impress since his last call up. I am not seeing breakdowns in his game. I am seeing a young confident player show is willing to carry the puck into the zone and work hard along the boards. I can really see him developing into a 35-45 point type of player.

Ellis continues his feast or famine play. I know from my experience from playing goalie in my fifth grade floor hockey tournament that you have to be mentally tough to be a goalie. One goal can really throw you for a loop. Oh…I have stories about that tourney! I honestly can’t say that Mason played spectacular since he was never really tested…but the bottom line is that he got the job done.

Where does Trotz go tomorrow night in goal? My guess is that he goes back with Ellis who has been lights out. He tends to play well after being yanked and last night did not make me believe that the old Mason is back.

It looked to me like Radulov was gripping his stick a little tight (insert ‘That’s what she said’ comment here). It looked like he was forcing the play and could never really find his groove.

Boy oh boy…tomorrow night will be electric at the Sommet.


No Deal Howie

February 27, 2008

While I have been a big fan of David Poile in the past and, truth be told, will continue to be in the future I felt yesterdays moves (if you want to use that strong of a word to describe them) were wasted and not even needed.

The Preds went into the day looking, like many other teams, for a top six forward. What they ended up with, in my opinion, are two role players. While some will say that these players were needed to fill the spots vacated due to injuries of Martin Gelinas and Jed Ortmyer I would argue that these two additions are no better than what we could have brought up from Milwaukee.

Instead of bringing up farmhands to help out in a time of need we spend a draft pick and future considerations on these guys. I would much rather see the passion of a young player like Peverly, Cal O’Reilly or Antti Pihlstrom who would be playing to try and impress the coaches at the next level. It would be their chance to shine.

Chances are that Brandon Bochenski and Jan Hlavac are not part of our long term plans. Yes I know we needed a left handed shot (Pihlstrom, Peverly and Cal all have that in Milwaukee) but I still think that yesterday was a waste.

I talked to a season ticket holder who yesterday told me that they were angry over the lack of dealing done by the Preds. I have to agree. There was no excitement. Nothing to get Pred fans or non traditional fans fired up.

Perhaps Poile and ownership don’t see this team as a real contender and didn’t want to get involved in the bidding wars for a true top six forward. I trust Poile to not to mortgage our future for the sake of taking a chance at making the playoffs. I have said in the past that I think it is vital for this organization to make the playoffs and to bring in a marquee player. We did not do anything that gets us closer to either of these goals yesterday.

We better have one heck of an off-season in the free agent market.