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October 14, 2008

With a sold out United Center and a hungry team looking for it’s first win of the young season the Predators responded with a gutsy performance and a shootout win over the Chicago Blackhawks last night.

The early schedule is brutal to the Preds. Having to play three different teams for their home openers is tough. Teams are up and pumped for those nights and typically they respond with an intense effort. In Chicago last night it was no different. the Hawks came out flying and jumped out to and early. Even though there were times that the Preds seemed to be chasing their tails they never really lost composure last night and kept plugging along.

Things I loved:

Physical Play
– The Preds were hitting hard. Saw many hits from Hamhuis last night that looked really good. I love when he plays his game and keeps it physical. Saw Toots line up a few guys…I love how his game has matured. I can remember his first year where he would see someone across the ice and take off charging after them…sometimes he would hit him and other times he would crash the boards. It was pretty comical. Toots plays a much more controlled game.

Defensive Play – overall the boys looked good in our end. Minus a couple breakdowns they kept Chicago’s big guns in check. Don’t know about you but every time Havlat, Sharp or Toews touched the puck I just held my breath…they are so fast and so talented but our guys kept position and shut them down pretty good.

Suter and Weber – Wow. These guys look pretty special on the PP together. They are developing quite a chemistry and could quickly develop into one of the top defesive PP pairings in the league.

What I didn’t Like:

Arnott Leaving – Didn’t like seeing Arnott leaving with an injury. It doesn’t sound too serious but you never know. If there is one thing teams are famous for it’s not telling the truth with injuries…let’s hope it’s nothing serious and we have Jason back for the next game.

Other than that there was really not much from last night that I didn’t like. A few defensive breakdowns…some ill timed penalties…nothing huge last night. This is not me being a rose colored glass guy either…what I saw last night was a solid team effort. Our boys matched their enthusiasm and got a well earned two points. While you hate to give a point to a team that you will be competing with for a playoff spot I don’t think of it that way…I think of it as taking a point from them.


Weber Signed

June 23, 2008

The Tennessean is reporting that Shea Weber has signed a three year 13.5 million dollar deal to remain a Predator. Great signing…David Poile continues to work his magic and get things done. This sets up our blue line for the next three years. Weber and Suter are just going to get better and better!


Preds Ink Legwand To Extension

December 7, 2007


Legwand seen with Tampa Bay’s Vicent Lecavalier and San Jose’s Brad Stuart (now with LA) on draft day for 1998 entry draft.

The Predators first ever draft pick signed a deal that keeps him as a Predator for the next six years for 27 million dollars. Legwand who is making 2.1 million this year more than doubles his salary to an average of 4.5 mil a year.

Predators GM David Poile was thrilled to announce the extension. “This is the first step moving forward under new ownership and is a sign of commitment, a desire to win and a desire to keep the core of our young team together in Nashville,” said Poile. “œDavid Legwand continues to improve and take on a larger role each season. He is entering the prime of his career, and we feel that he is becoming one of the league’s most complete players.”€

This is a huge signing for the Preds and the first, I hope, of many signings to come. It’s great to see ownership stepping up and signing a key player to a long term deal. This deal sends a message to not only the fans of Nashville, (who now see this ownership group is committed to winning) but to the rest of the league as well. Other teams who may have looked at Nashville as ripe ‘for the picking’ now see this ownership group is going to be spending money.

Many fans have been tough on Legwand because of the hype he came with as the Preds first ever draft pick. They expected him to be a 50 goal scorer and perennial all star. While David will never be a 50 goal scorer he has developed into a great player and one of the best defensive forwards in the game. I am thrilled with this signing and excited that for the first time in several months the franchise has some stability.

Next up for the new owners? I hope they are working on deals to lock up Shea Weber and Martin Erat. Both of these youngsters are key pieces to the future of this club.

Last Night: Here’s the storyline in two sentences. Ready? Great first period played by the Predators. Horrible second and third periods played by the Predators. (I don’t think I need to say anything else…yes we can complain about the non call on Leggy but it’s part of the game. We lost that game last night.)


Hey Dan…

November 29, 2007

(Not an actual OnStar call)

    Barry Trotz

: “Hey Dan…listen i know it’s been weeks since you’ve started for us and you may be a bit rusty but I’d like to give you the nod to start tonight in Ottawa against the Senators. I don’t know if you know this or not but the Sens are one of the best teams in hockey. They’ve actually lost four in a row so they are probably pretty ticked right now and looking to get out of their funk so I hope you’re ready.”

    Dan Ellis

: “Okay.” (oh…crap)

I know being a back up is about being ready to play at a moments notice and nobody expected Ellis to have as many starts as he does now or the stats he does but this is going to be a tough start for Ellis. This Sens team is going to come out flying and throwing everything they’ve got at us to try to end their four game slide. Ellis will be tested and tested often.

What I do like about this start though is that early in the year the Preds seemed to play a little tighter D when Ellis was in net. This might be exactly what Trotz is thinking. Give Ellis the start and make the guys on D think a bit more than they have been with Chris Mason back there. The truth is Ellis needed to get some work and this might be the perfect night for it.

Preds Sale Update: The sale of the Preds is on the official agenda of the BOG meeting in Pebble Beach today. The meeting will start around 5:30 central and the Preds are rumored to be one of the first items on the agenda. Let’s hope this formality doesn’t turn into anything else!

Shea Weber:
After reading my post yesterday a friend asked me ‘you really like this Shea Weber guy huh?’ I couldn’t contain myself as I gushed about how good he is and how great I think he will be. At our office we sometimes joke about having ‘man crushes’ on people. It’s early but I may be developing a man crush on Shea Weber! Don’t worry Julie you are still my number one!


What Would You Do?

November 28, 2007

According to reports the local investment group trying to buy the Nashville Predators wants to take possession of the team as quickly as possible. This may mean as early as Monday and before the City Council and Sports Council vote on the measure. I have to think that this means that the group must feel that that approval is a mere formality at this point. Let’s say that all happens…they get the team by Monday. Time to play a little bit of ‘armchair owner’ where you get to say what YOU would do if you just bought the Nashville Predators.

Here is my list:

1. Hire a new marketing person ASAP. Steve Violetta left the Preds to take position with the Red Wings and that is a key opening. People have reason to not be happy with the way Violetta marketed this team but it is vital that we get a top notch person in here. If we do not market this team successfully then five years from now the Preds will be gone! The person hired doesn’t need to be someone with hockey experience but someone who knows and understands the people in Middle Tennessee that the Preds market to.

2. Sign Shea Weber to a long term deal. Shea will be a restricted free agent at the end of this year but the Preds need to do everything in their power to lock him up long term. He is a special player and one who can, like Pronger was in St. Louis, be the foundation on this franchise. This could be the most money the Preds have ever laid out for a player but we all know how good he is and what he means to this team.

3. Make a deal for a solid scoring forward. I realize we are not going to make a deal for a marquee name but we need a player with some offensive touch and who would make a nice line mate for our third line. I feel like we have two lines going really well right now and are just a player away from getting our top three rolling. I would hate to see Klein go but I am guessing that he might be desirable enough to other teams to hold out their as bait. We need a Daniel Cleary or a Scott Walker type player to help us out (not those specific players but players in that mold).

What would you do?